Reseller Hosting Terms

By the Account Activation Date of each month, we shall deliver, via e-mail or post, an invoice in accordance with the applicable Service Fees for services to be rendered in the forthcoming month. When an invoice is delivered to the client, payment shall be remitted to us by no later than the specified payment due date. We shall be entitled to immediately terminate this agreement for client’s failure to make timely payments. You will be provided with an invoice on a monthly basis. We do not record or store customer credit/debit card data but you are able to set up recurring billing through our payment partners (currently PayPal) to allow us to take payment for invoices as they become due. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover any transactions. Failure to make payment will result in up to three overdue notices being submitted to you before your account is suspended.

Following account suspension, your account may be terminated and your data removed from our servers in either of the following circumstances where we do not hear from you to confirm that you wish your account to remain open:

  • Your account has been suspended for non-payment for more than 3 weeks, OR
  • More than 4 weeks have elapsed from the due date or your earliest unpaid invoice and no payment for your service has been received

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